I am Natalie and I´m a girl from Ålesund. Generally, I am often called "Natalie North" - the name I use for acting. I live in Denmark now, but of course I travel a lot, especially to Norway, for visiting my family and friends. I played in a lot of erotic movies, most of them you can watch on this website, and mostly I filmed them myself. I will tell you a bit more about me, hoping we´ll get to know each other better.
Acted in a porno movie in Trondheim / Adresseavisa


The pornstar "Nathalie North" came from Denmark to Trondheim (Norway) to make a porno movie.

Adressa.no met the pornstar Natalie North on Saturday morning in a hotel room in Trondheim. Last evening, Natalie had some hardcore sex scenes in the same room - and waits now to be taken to the next shooting location.

Only hours ago, Natalie North and a man were lying on the bed while the crew was filming them.
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I began to act in porno movies when I got 18. You can say I´m quite a horny girl and it felt natural to be in the porn industry. This way I shot two rabbits with one bullet :). First, I get as much sex as I can and second, I get really good paid for it. I absolutely enjoy making these movies!
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Porno shock after the censure is removed / TV2 Nettavisen

The pornstar Natalie North is in no doubt about what will happen with the porn industry in Norway once the censure is over.

Natalie North has the professional experience being involved in the porno industry in Denmark, and thinks that in Norway will begin a "porno boom" after the censure is finished:
"I think many will have a go on this branch. In Denmark, the pay is somehow lower than in Norway, but it can lead you to England, for example, where you can make four times more for the same job. ", says Natalie to Adressa.no.

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Predicts porno boom / Adresseavisa


Porno actress Natalie North expects a porno boom in Norway as the censure is finished. For acting in porno movies, Natalie had to move in Denmark.

Now she believes that also Norway will experience a growing number of girls who will try the porn industry. She began her carrier in the porn branch after she was involved with a porno movie producer.
She doesn´t regret it: "I waited until I got 18, and I don´t regret it. I don´t expect to be in this industry forever. I want to get some education, as well", says Natalie.

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Anal sex is something I really like. That why I am often called "the anal queen from Norway" - I simply love to be banged hard in the ass. So you will have a lot of anal scenes here, I hope you´ll enjoy then:)

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